How to uninstall the Brother Printer on Windows 8

With the help of the Printers, you can easily maintain the proper documentation of all your important files. The technology advancement, result in the introduction of the different versions of the printers in the market, based on the requirements of the users. A lot of companies have designed their range of printers, which includes various features along with the best printing capacity. The Brother Printer is one of the famous brands of printers available across the world. Being a regular user of the Brother Printer, if you don't know how to resolve the various issues, then you should dial the Brother Printer customer service number for getting the instant help.

In case, the brother printer is not working properly, and you want to uninstall the Brother printer on your System, then follow the steps mentioned below-
Step-1: First, you have to open the system.
Step-2: Once the PC is open, click on the downward-arrowbutton appearing on the start screen. In case, you are not getting t…

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How to Fix the Kodak Easy Share Printer Half-Printing Problems

Kodak EasyShare printers come with the best of photo printing without requiring to leave your home or office work. You can even print your favorite photos directly from the camera; thus there is no PC required. But like other printing machines, problems do occur, such as the Kodak printer not working correctly or only printing half of the picked photos. The half-printing problem is mainly encountered if your printer becomes clogged due to the fragments and debris. At that time, the issue is quickly resolved by cleaning your Kodak printer. Note: - If your Kodak printer is not printing correctly, it is better to get the assistance of experts by dialing the Kodak printer support phone number to get your problems corrected. Learn How to Clear your Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock to Fix the Half Printing Problems Step 1 – Power off the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock, if it is turned on. Pull the paper feeder tray out from your printer. Step 2 – See the uncovered paper slot for the fragments an…