How to Fix the Kodak Easy Share Printer Half-Printing Problems

 Kodak EasyShare printers come with the best of photo printing without requiring to leave your home or office work. You can even print your favorite photos directly from the camera; thus there is no PC required. But like other printing machines, problems do occur, such as the Kodak printer not working correctly or only printing half of the picked photos. The half-printing problem is mainly encountered if your printer becomes clogged due to the fragments and debris. At that time, the issue is quickly resolved by cleaning your Kodak printer.
Note: - If your Kodak printer is not printing correctly, it is better to get the assistance of experts by dialing the Kodak printer support phone number to get your problems corrected.
Learn How to Clear your Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock to Fix the Half Printing Problems
Step 1 – Power off the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock, if it is turned on. Pull the paper feeder tray out from your printer.
Step 2 – See the uncovered paper slot for the fragments and stuck sheets of paper in between the groove.  You can apply the tweezers to get rid of the paper pieces from the slot.
Step 3 – Use a small bowl filled with a half cup of cold water, and then wear your latex gloves to protect your hands from getting wet.  
Step 4 – Next, dip your dry and lint-free cloth into the water and ensure that you have run out extra water.
Step 5 – Wipe the rollers placed in the paper slot using the damp cloth. Turn the rollers to clean any debris from the rollers if found.
Step 6 – Use the clear side of the cloth to continue the cleaning process until debris is wiped. Allow the paper feeder rollers to dry.
Step 7 – Get rid of the paper from the tray, and then fan the pages to keep the paper sheet from jabbing together. Reload the paper feeder tray with more paper from the paper kit of Kodak EasyShare printer.
Step 8 – Put the new paper under any preceding pages in the tray. Never try to load up to 30 sheets of paper. Reinstall the paper tray into your Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock.
Now, you can print a test photo to make sure that the half printing problems are corrected, and your Kodak printer is back in service properly. When you clean the paper feeder rollers, never use the shop towels, paper towels, cotton swabs, cotton rags or cloths. These items will remain behind debris and fragments on the rollers of your printer and create the paper jam. However, if these steps are unusual and your Kodak printer is not working correctly, it’s advised to call on the Kodak printer service number to get your several problems connected to the Kodak resolved within the shortest time.


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