5 Handy Steps to Install Brother Wireless Printer

Brother wireless printers are having two types: including the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Though the installation process for both kinds of printers is similar, you should still check to ensure which kind of installation you will be accomplished before you start. Wi-Fi printers can directly be connected to the available wireless network. Before starting the installation process, also ensure that your computer and printer are compatible with each other. You can check the system requirements of your Brother printer or contact the experts via the Brother Printer customer support number to get the necessary information.
Learn How to Install Your Brother Wireless Printer Properly
If you want to install your Brother wireless printer in a hassle-free manner, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:
Step1 – First of all, determine if you will be using the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer. Most of the Brother printers come with both options, thus select one or the other. 
Step 2 – Check the user manual to find the network settings or menu on your printer. Usually, you will find it under the ‘Network’ section of the main page.
Step 3 – Choose the installation type. Many Brother Printers provide Wi-Fi Protected Installation on the wireless network. If it doesn’t support it, select the standard wireless setup wizard. 
Step 4 – Continue with the instructions for providing the wireless network password. If you’re installing through Bluetooth, you will select the option to discover your printer so that the PC can recognize it. You may get a pass code that needs to be used to pair the computer with your printer.
Step 5 – Insert the printer’s setup CD into your printer. An installation wizard will start to guide you via the reset of the process. If you’re performing via Bluetooth, you have to type the pass code, and the device will be paired with the PC automatically.
Now, you can print a test page once the wireless Brother Printer installation process is complete. You must check your Brother wireless printer available in the dialog window. If it is found, your Brother printer is now installed correctly. However, if you’re unable to locate the printer in the print dialog window, then it is possible that you have not installed it accurately and you might not be able to print your documents. At such point in time, you should either recheck the user manual supplied with your printer or contact the technicians to ensure where the problem is and how you can resolve them out instantly.



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