How to Fix Brother Printer‘User Intervention Is Required’ Error

The warning ‘User Intervention Is Required’ is an error message that needs to be attended immediately to avoid any reduction in output, as it stops any output from the laser printer. The error message is usual with Brother laser printers and other brands of laser printers. It also contains a problem description and how to remove the message. Contacting the Brother Customer service number, you can avail technical assistance to repair the issues. Otherwise, go through the following phases to fix the issues appropriately.  
Phase #1: Find the cause of the error
The error ‘User Intervention Is Required’ appears on the top or front panel of the printer display. It also shows on the PC’s screen at times within the error dialog box. At the end of the error message, you will find the description regarding the issue like load paper, change any particular toner cartridge, remove a paper jam or other message.
Phase #2: Repair the error
You can fix the error message by following the steps listed below it. Your Brother laser printer will eliminate the error message and resume your work. If it is still present on display after finishing the steps, power your printer off and wait for moments, and then turn the printer on.
Phase #3: Restart Print Job
Once you restart the Brother laser printer, you need to launch the printing task again that was running or in the queue when the error demonstrated.
1.        Click the ‘Start,’ followed by the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
2.        Click on the Brother Printer icon that contains the name of it.
3.        Click on the ‘See what’s printing’ link on the Windows toolbar at the upper of the screen.
4.        Click to choose the Brother’s name from the drop-down menu. Your printer’s job list appears.
5.        Right-click on the name of the print job you want to resume and click the ‘Restart’ button. The print job will begin printing in no time. 
Phase #4: Lost Print Job
In most cases, once you restart your printer, the last print task is cleaned from the queue. If the print job is not in the list, you should navigate to the program that you first sent the input from and try to reprint it. Click the ‘File,’ and then ‘Print,’ followed by the ‘Print’ or ‘OK’ to resubmit the print task. However, if your Brother laser printer is still showing the error message stating that ‘User Intervention Is Required’ even if you have followed all phases correctly, you can call on the Brother Printer support number and seek the help to solve the problem in an appropriate manner.


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