5 Easy Steps toUse an Offline Brother Printer

It can be an annoying thing if you’re not able to print using the installed Brother printer, especially when it’s showing as offline. However, by adjusting some of the settings of your printer, you can get it back to continue printing documents. Microsoft Windows 7 offers an inbuilt feature for switching between the offline modes so that you can repair the problems associated with ‘Printer Offline’ notifications that you’re getting from the Brother printer.

However, if that option doesn’t fix the problems, you may require making some changes to the printer installation to retrieve standard printing functions. You can also seek the help if experts on Brother Printer technical support number to bring your printer back to online. Here’s how to connect an offline Brother printer:

1.       Click the ‘Start’ menu at the lower-left corner of the computer, followed by the ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Right-click the Brother Printer icon and click the ‘See What’s Printing’ option.
2.       Click the ‘Printer’ button found at the top of the window and then search a blue check mark to the ‘Use Printer Offline’ left side. If it’s there, click on the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option to deselect it, at which point the documents will start to print.  If your documents don’t print, continue with the next step for solving issues.
3.       Press the electricity button on your printer to power it on. Unplug the USB cable of your printer from the particular port on the PC. Next, turn the Brother printer on.
4.       Plug the USB cable back to the port on your PC. If the documents in the printer queue start to print, and then you have fixed the issue. On the other hand, proceed to the next step for further troubleshooting.
5.       Shut down your printer. Click the Start menu at the lower-left corner of the PC window, click the arrow to the ‘Shut Down’ option right side, followed by the ‘Restart’ button. The documents that were earlier stuck in the print queue will start to the printer after restarting the computer.
Tips & Tactics

Windows operating system ‘Sleep’ and ‘Hibernate’ modes can cause connectivity issues with the Brother printer, especially if it’s a wireless device. If your Brother Printer was earlier working before it went into the ‘Hibernation’ or the ‘Sleep’ modes, the best solution is to restart or reboot both your PC and your printer. Restarting the printer or the computer will often resolve problems associated with them instantly. However, if you still have problems in printing using your Brother printer, then call on the Brother Printer support number and ask the solution to solve all issues within a short span of time.


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