8 Steps to Install Brother Printerwithout CD-ROM on PC


The Brother is the leading manufacturer of the printer machines for both home and office users. Typically, almost all printers come with a CD-ROM with the necessary drivers or software to use your printer with a PC. Even if the driver installation CD-ROM has been misplaced, you can still install your Brother printer. Your Windows-based PC may download drivers automatically once it’s connected to the printer. However, if it does not install the necessary installation files automatically for your printer, you must download and install the driver software from the official site of Brother.
Note: - In the case of any Brother Printer driver installation errors, seek the help of professionals to repair all issues.
Follow these instructions to install the Brother printer without using a CD-ROM:-
Step 1:  Connect your Brother printer to the PC through a parallel or USB cable, relying on the printer model you have.
Step 2: Press the ‘Power’ button at the back or the front of your printer. A dialog window should display about new hardware installation. If it doesn’t show, go to the next steps.
Step 3: Open the web browser on your PC and go to the official Brother website. Click on the ‘Support’ link found at the top of the Brother Website home page.
Step 4: Click on the ‘Software Downloads’ button. Choose the ‘Printers’ option from the dialog window. Another pop-up menu will display for the printer model number available via Brother Printer.
Step 5: Locate your Brother printer’s model number you require to install and choose it from the drop-down list. Click on the ‘View’ option and all links will display under the drop-down lists on the Brother Driver download page.
Step 6: Click on the ‘Drive Information’ link for the Windows operating system that is now running on the system where you’re attempting to install your printer.
Step 7: Download the printer’s driver installation file. After completing the download process, access the file and continue with the instructions to complete installing your printer to the system.
Step 8: Try to print a file or document from the system to check that your Brother printer has been installed appropriately.
Tips & Tactics:
Before making an installation of the Brother Printer and related software, you first need to make sure that you have the Parallel and USB cables and the active Internet connection as well. Otherwise, you might get the process of your Brother Printer driver installation failed and not able to use your printer to print documents correctly. If, however, you find yourself in such tricky situations as your Brother printer isn’t printing due to incorrect printer installation, then you can ask the right solution of experts just by contacting the Brother customer care number and solve all issues in no time.


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