5 Steps to Reset your Brother LC51 Printer Cartridge

 Brother printer cartridges like the LC51 come with a sensor that answers to the LED light inside the printer to monitor and display the ink level. If there’s ink in the cartridge, it prevents the LED light from passing through, and your Brother printer works correctly. If the light can go through the cartridge, then a sensor monitors it, and your printer considers that the ink cartridge is empty, even though there’s still ink inside the cartridge, causing to error messages. At such time, you can reset the LC51 ink cartridge to assume that it’s filled again and stay using the cartridge by wrapping the sensor.
Learn How to Change the Brother LC51 Print Cartridge
You can reset your Brother Printer cartridge by proceeding to the steps listed below. For any technical assistance, you can contact Brother Customer service number and speak with the experts to get help. Here’s how to do:
Step 1 – Start your Brother LC51 printer. Open the cover of your printer and take off the ink cartridge’s color that is encountering the error code on your system.
Step 2 – Cut off a part of the electrical tape near about ½ inch in length. On the other hand, it's optional to use a transparent tape and blacken it by using a black permanent marker.
Step 3 – turn the cartridge in reverse, and put the tape over the lower part of the cartridge, wrapping the square groove in the middle that has a shed in it. Smooth the electrical tape along the edges to make sure that it observes to the cartridge.
Step 4 - Change the ink cartridge in your Brother LC51 printer. Close the case and hit the ‘Power’ button to power your printer off. Eliminate the electricity cable from the rear of your printer for at least 30 seconds.
Step 5 – Connect the power cable back to, and power your printer on. Follow the same process on every color of the cartridge that is showing you an error message.
However, if you’re unable to reset your print cartridge in your Brother LC51 printer even after continuing with the above-listed steps, you must look for the technical support for Brother Printer to solve out all issues preventing you from resetting the cartridge. In such a situation, it’s highly advised to call on the Brother Printer toll-free number and get the solution for all glitches without wasting your valuable time.


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