6 Simple Steps to Clear Paper Jam from Kodak Printer

Jamming your printer up right in the mid of a long print job is frustrating, but it is not a rare problem. Sometimes, the culprit is a fold or crinkle in the paper, but you may face the paper jam issue due to a foreign object falling inside the printer accidentally. If you are an owner of the Kodak printer, these are designed to let you unjam the paper on your own, without having to contact the Kodak customer service number for repairing the printing machine under the guidance of skilled experts. To remove the jammed paper inside your Kodak printer, you can follow these steps:
Step 1 – First of all take the paper’s stack out from the feeder tray. Grab out if you find any foreign objects inside the tray.
Step 2 – Hold the paper from both sides and carefully take it out from your printer if the trapped paper is still evident in the feeder tray. Try to take out the paper gradually to avoid scratching the pages. If the paper scratches and leaves parts in the print rollers, or if the pages are not visible in the tray, you will require following a more advanced approach.
Step 3 – Power off your printer. Uncover the printer and open the door to the internal section to get the paper rollers. Relying on your Kodak printer model, this access may be placed on the back or front of your printer.
Step 4 – Look inside the print rollers to find the paper causing the jam. Clean any foreign objects blocking the rollers from performing the functions. Also, check that the print roller is not broken or damaged.
Step 5 – Hold as many of the pages as you can and carefully grab them out of your Kodak printer. Do it carefully to avoid the paper scratching.
Step 6 – Now, close the inner section of your Kodak printer and power it on. Try to replace the paper and perform a print job again. Make sure that you’re using a fresh, dry paper sheet, and there is no scratch on the pages.
Although the printing machines of Eastman Kodak Company are well-known for their best quality printouts and smooth performance, however, there are some issues occasionally experienced by the user when using the Kodak printer and paper jam is one of the problems. If you’re unable to remove the paper jam from your printer by applying the information mentioned above, you can talk to the Kodak printer support experts regarding your issues and ask the solutions to repair your printer as quickly as possible. 



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