How to Troubleshoot Kodak Printer Paper Jam Issue

When you try to print a photo or document on the Kodak laser or inkjet printer, different forms are more annoying than the paper jam problem. The paper gets stuck in your printer due to various causes. The Kodak customer service phone number is the most relevant method to seek help in such a situation and get rid of the problems. Still, knowing what the exact reasons of paper jam in your printer help avoid them at some point.
Paper Type
If a particular kind of paper often gets stuck in your printer, it’s not supported by the machine. All printers typically take the simple white paper, but some other kinds of envelopes, labels, or card stock might be too thin or the incorrect size for your printer. To know what kinds of paper your Kodak printer takes, check the user manual. You will also get a complete guidance for your printer over the Kodak’s official site.
Loading Paper
Sometimes, an improperly loaded paper is the main reason of the paper jam in your printer. So, it’s suggested that section the paper into a clean stack before you load it to stop the pages from squeezing and sticking. Also, try to use the similar type of paper in the tray. Never overload the tray; you should load 5 to 20 sheets to avoid the jam. Don’t load the paper with a wrong side facing up. While loading, move the paper stack into the tray until it rests, and then change the paper-edge directions to meet the stack edges.
External Objects
In most cases, foreign objects that keep stuck in your Kodak printer will jam it. For instance, torn paper scraps get trapped in the rollers of the printer, stopping sheets from going through. If you’re using a Kodak laser printer, then toner may escape from the unit and create a jam. Escaped ink from a cartridge can also cause that problem also. Open the lid of your printer and see for objects and debris stuck inside. If you get spilled ink or toner, clean it using a damp cloth, and then all the printer to dry before you print again. Never use any chemicals to wipe your printer, as they can damage your device.
Fixing Paper Jams
If you’re unable to remove the paper jam properly, the page can slit, removing the torn sheet will become more annoying and even handling paper debris that creates jams in the future. To get rid of the jam, you first need to power off your printer and then search for the stuck sheer. Check the tray and access the printer door to locate the stuck paper. Once you find the jammed paper, grasp it using your hands and pull gradually toward you. Never pull the pages out too roughly and quickly, since it will possibly split if you do.
However, if you still have trouble due to paper jam when using your Kodak printer, you can call on the Kodak printer support phone number and seek the further solution to solve the paper jam issues.


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