Why I Can’t Print Black Ink with Kodak Printer

It doesn’t matter which model of Kodak printer you’re using, understanding how to troubleshoot the common problems can save your valuable time, money and efforts, since the Kodak printer repairing service cost can be relatively high. Sometimes, your Kodak printer can stop printing a particular ink color like the black. It may not mean that the printer is damaged irreparably, but may be a problem with the black printer cartridge that can be easily repaired by obtaining the experts help on the Kodak printer support phone number. There are some troubleshooting workarounds you can also try to fix the Kodak printer problems.
Learn How to Fix If Kodak printer is not Printing Black Ink
Step 1 – Raise the cover of your printer and wait for the Kodak cartridges to come to the middle. Never touch the printer carriage or try to shift it using your hand because that can create damage to your printer.
Step 2 – Raise the print cartridge lid and slide the black cartridge forward. Cautiously take out the cartridge from the Kodak printer. Put the ink cartridge aside and close your Kodak printer cover.
Step 3 – Turn down the cartridge and check it if there is paper dust or dries ink. Passing time the ink cartridge can gather debris, and that can close the ink jets and can create the print cartridge to stop functioning.
Step 4 – Dip a cotton cloth in a little of warm water and clean the end of the cartridge carefully until all paper dust and dried ink has been wiped. If there is a substantial buildup of ink and the paper dust, try to use a cotton cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol rather than warm water.
However, if your Kodak printer is still not printing black ink or working properly, then it is possible that you may have the problems with the cartridge settings. You should also check the ink level if it is low, then either try to replace it or refill it. If these steps didn’t work to troubleshoot the problems connected to your Kodak printer which is not printing black ink, you should consult with the experts and address your issues to get hassle-free solutions. At that point of time, you can call on the Kodak printer service number to obtain immediate solutions for all printer-related problems.  


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